3 Steps To Build A Online Business On Social Media

Since being a sales and marketing trainer I continue to realize that many people trying to build a business on social media in a manner that is counter productive.  For that reason I’ve put together this post where I will share the 3 Steps to Build A Online Business On Social Media and do so correctly.  Honesty what I see the most of is people using an inverted version of the 3 Steps To Build A Online Business On Social Media.

Now as I start, I’d like to pre-frame these steps by laying a foundation to support the strategy.  Unless you’re living under a rock you should understand that no one is going to buy from you unless they know, like and trust you.  The trust is built through a smart way of delivering content to your friends, viewers ie. audience.

Understanding that if they don’t know you, they won’t flow you.  If they don’t like you they won’t buy from you and if they don’t trust you then you can hang it up.  You’re not selling any of your products or services to anyone.

Something I like to do is really drill down into what I like and don’t like.  How do I feel when someone handles me in a certain manner?  How do I feel when I see spam posts after spam posts?  We all see it.  But how does that make you feel?  Do you feel inclined to do business with them or not?  If I had to guess the answer would be no.  The truth is that people love to buy but they hate to be sold.  And what do we see most of on our timelines?  People pitching and trying to sell.

Value, Relationships and Trust Leads To Sales

Ladies and gents.  This is formula is what TOP earners do to get results in the network marketing or online marketing business.  They understand they are in a leadership and relationship business.  It’s actually quite simple achieve results, but you must be willing to do the hard work of being consistent.  It’s easy to make a spam post isn’t it?  However, it’s a bit more difficult to create a piece of content that delivers value.  That is why it is critical to do personal development daily.  This is where some of your content will get created from.

Below is the way that your prospects and leads will get to know like and trust you and result to you earning more sales.

Value = Relationships

Relationships = Trust

Trust = (More Sales)

Now understand this post is not about how to post.  How many times per day to post, when to post or anything like that.  But it is about the 3 Steps To Build A Online Business On Social Media the right way and what you need to be focused on and in what order.  If you struggle with content creation then feel free to check out my post on The Simple Strategy To Attract More Clients.

3 Steps to Build A Online Business On Social Media

  • Building Your Audience: Before you can go out and bring in a boat load of people into your business, does it make sense that you should build an audience?  I hope that you said yes to that question.  Because If you do not have an audience, then you don’t really have a business on social media.  Is growing your audience a priority for you every single day?  If it is not, then Houston we have a problem.  Your first priority is to commit to showing up every day with consistent valuable content.  This is step one of the 3 Steps To Build A Online Business On Social Media.  Again, this is STEP One!
  • Relationships and Connecting:  If you are using social media then you need to understand that you are in the people business.  Not the sales business.  We have to connect personally with our audience.  You have to have people that are showing up to your posts and engaging with it on a daily basis.  What I know is that if you do not show up and build your audience then you will have no one to connect with.  This is step two of the 3 Steps To Build A Online Business On Social Media.  The focus is people and connecting.  Not sales of your products and services.
  • Social Media Conversions:  Conversions happen as they are supposed to when you connect with your audience and you develop relationships with new people every single day.  After you connect on a personal level and identify a need and ensure they are a fit then and only then you can make a sale.  It’s not about you or how good your product.  It’s about your connecting and ensuring that there is a need.  The issue is that many times network marketers and online marketers start out looking for a conversion first. Without never doing the hard work of building an audience or really connecting with anyone.  Get out of the mentality of I need to go make a sale.  You need to go build an audience and connect first.  This is step three of the 3 Steps To Build A Online Business On Social Media.

If you run the inverted model of this formula by focusing on sales and conversions you will only struggle in your business.  There is a trust issue with your audience.  You priorities are not in order.  Take you mind off of making more sales and turn it to build more trust with your audience.  By doing so you will have more opportunities to share your products and services.

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