Incase you have been hiding under a rock Instagram is quickly becoming one of the hottest social media platforms on the internet.  Because they have recently passed 1 billion users to claim #3 in social media dominance.  Therefore making it a wise investment of time and resources to master growing a Instagram following and learning how to make money on Instagram.

In this article I am going to give you the down low on what it takes to get grow your instagram from scratch and what it takes to monetize your Instagram in the process.

Why Instagram?

As stated in the intro of this article explosive growth is the number one reason why.  For that reason I feel Instagram can not be ignored for businesses.  However what I’ve found interesting is that most Instagram users remain somewhat clueless on how to correctly build their following.  There’s a few steps to take aside from the obvious steps but at the end of the day your success will boil down to consistency.

Often times, I see students get fired up for a traffic source and once they meet resistance they are off to the next traffic source to meet more resistance.  So if you are serious about building your following then you must commit to the process and understanding it takes time to build an audience.  Not just trying to extract money from your followers.  Each profile represents a real person.  Well most of them are real people.  Beware of bot accounts and don’t ever buy followers.  Buying followers is it a waste of money and can cause you to have your account shadow banned or terminated.

How To Make Money With Instagram

Determine your niche’:  is the first step on how to make money on Instagram and it is critical.  You need to know if you are a Personal Brand or if you are a Niched Page.  Personal branded pages are branded to an individual.  While, niche page examples are Motivation, Travel, Health and Fitness and Luxury.  You can have a Niche’ Page with a Personal Brand Element.  That’s what I do and you can see it here @clever.motivator.  Be sure to give me a follow.

Pick a good user name:  is step number two on how to make money on Instagram.  Keep in mind that the user name should flow inline with your niche’ because this term is searchable within the instagram search.

Have a clean profile:  is step three on how to make money on Instagram.  When it comes to having a clean profile it should be no question to the potential follower that lands on your page regarding what you do or your niche.  I suggest that you get a notes app on your mobile device and type out your bio in the app then copy and paste it into your Instagram Bio.  Otherwise your data will show in a way that is not visually appealing.  See examples of the correct bio below.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Buffer
  • reddit
  • LinkedIn

Post consistently:  is step four on how to make money on Instagram.  You don’t have to post multiple times per day.  In fact you can post once per day or a few times per week.  What’s most important is that you do post consistently.

Use the features:  is step five on how to make money on Instagram is that you need to use the features that Instagram has available to users.  Especially if you want to find favor with the algorithm.  What I mean by that is use the stories, use the live video, use the video chat, use the new IGTV and it will favor you in the algorithm.

Hashtags:  is step six on how to make money on Instagram. You can use up to 30 tags although I do not recommend it.  I only use 3-5 if any in my posts.  Because if you use the same 30 tags excessively you can be shadow banned.  So what I recommend is use tags centered around the image and the caption that you post and leave it at that.

Good captions:  is step 7 on how to make money on Instagram. This is typically over looked by most users.  Or they post some thoughtless caption with their image.  However if you write compelling captions a user to not only like your page but love your page.  Great captions are a awesome way to connect in a more meaningful way with your audience.

Quality images for your niche: is step 8 of how to make money on Instagram.  Don’t just recycle others quote images.  Use quality images and if you overlay a quote be sure it’s yours branded to your page.  Otherwise you’re just sending traffic to another page.  Be sure the images are clean and they look awesome.

Engage with others:   is step nine on how to make money on Instagram.  If someone comments on your post be sure to comment back to them.  If you want to build your page, be sure to set notifications to Influencers in your niche’ and quickly comment.  When you do be sure to leave good comments.  By doing so their followers will notice and head to your page and you may earn a follower.

Go Viral:  is step ten on how to make money on Instagram. The holy grail of Instagram growth is the ability to go viral on your account.  If you are able to accomplish this you will get thousands into the millions of impressions to your profile.  All because you were able to make it to the explore page.  If you can accomplish this it leads to floods of followers, likes and engagement.  And that leads to sales and generating income on Instagram.

If you want to learn how you can go viral on demand and get a FREE video series then feel free to checkout InstaGrowth here.

BONUS TIP:  Join DM engagement groups and Telegram Groups, they are designed supply fast likes/comments on your post.  This will give you favor with the algorithm.

In closing I hope that you received some value from this article.  If you are looking for an awesome community of Entrepreneurs on Facebook then I’d be thrilled to have you in the Limitless Entrepreneurs Group.

Stay Awesome!

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