Telling your story is one of the single most impactful things that you can master.  Therefore, if you can harness this one skill of How To Tell Your Story you will better connect and gain greater influence and grow your audience and business.  Perhaps you’re like me and you have not had any formal training in this subject matter.  If so, thats okay.  Because you can still become a master at this craft.  The greatest speaker of all time in my opinion is Jesus and He spoke in parables which are stories.  As a result of this, when He spoke the multitudes gathered.

First of all, proves to me that being an effective story teller and communicator is one of the most important crafts that you can master if you are looking to gain influence.  Let’s dive into some tips that will help you better create your story and share it with others.  Lets dive in.

You’ll Have To Visit The Past

With this visiting doesn’t mean residing.  I want you to think about those moments in your life where you have been at your lowest and have overcome great adversity.  These are the rockbottom to rockstar moments.  I don’t care who you are you have a rockbottom to rockstar moment.  Because we’ve all overcame something, and some of these moments may not have seemed like major breakthroughs at the time, but indeed they are major moments.  Now it is important to know go off about something you have not overcome yet.  That would be complaining and we do not do that.  We overcome.

In this post I am going to leave a video that is in my branding training.  I decided to pull it out and share it on YouTube and also on my blog as a gift.  A gift to anyone who is looking to build their brand and their business using social influence.  Because if you want to make an impact on others you have to master this skill.  Keep in mind.  It’s a process.  It takes time to identify, refine, and deliver your story.  However once you dial into it you will deliver it everywhere you go.

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Tips On How To Tell Your Story

CENTER YOURSELF, is tip number one of How To Tell Your Story.  If you are like me chances are you are an introvert or introverted.  You’re not thirsty for attention yet you realize that you have to get out there and deliver you message.  Keep in mind there are more of us than them.  Them being extroverted.  Center yourself with some breathing exercises.  Before you create that video or walk on that stage do some quick breathing exercises to open up your lungs.  Prior to arriving at the point of delivering be sure to write out, rehearse it and really prepare yourself.  The more you do this the better you will get at tailoring your message.

THE POWER OF LANGUAGE, is tip number two of How To Tell Your Story. Since, you’re embarking on public speaking there are some truths that you need to understand.  Since you’re a communicator you should understand the words to use rather than shooting from the hip.  As a result you may need to add to and remove words from your vocabulary.  Words are powerful and some words tend to lose and dilute the message.  Be sure the watch the video where I discuss them in full.

VARIANCE IN SPEECH, is tip number three of How To Tell Your Story. Variance in speech is important.  Have you sat in a sermon or a class where a professor or teacher spoke in a monotone voice?  It’s boring and very hard to stay engaged with them.  Therefore, variance in speech is nothing more than you taking your audience on the experience with you.  You are able to use your voice inflection and mannerisms and posture to show elements of pain, pleasure, excitement and breakthrough.  Think of all the feelings that you have felt and the feelings that you want your audience to feel for the greatest result.

In conclusion, I love storytelling because of the level of connection with others it provides to your business and influence.  Take the time to sharpen your skills and get intentional in your efforts to become a better story teller.

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