How to Get Leads & Sales From Scratch

It’s 2018 and it’s never been easier than now to get leads and create sales on social media as it is now.  However a major issue is that people get started and are going about it the wrong way.  You should think in terms of networking, adding value, and leveraging the tools at your disposal.  Because chances are you don’t know how to advertise yet but you can still make it work.  There are billions of people on social media who are there to be social yet many avoid being social for a quick buck.  So in this article I’ll share 5 simple strategies to generate leads and more sales on social media from scratch.

There’s a better way..

The biggest question that I get asked is how do I find new people to connect with on social media and sell my products?  The issue with that question is they are focused on the “selling aspect” without the “social aspect.”  Their timeline almost always looks like a billboard. If you’re anything like me you don’t drive down the highway looking at signs anxiously looking for something to buy.  It’s social media for a reason and that reason is to be social.

Think in terms of where can I find my perfect customer?  There are several places they are usually sitting right beneath your nose.  However it is 100% up to you to go where they are and make a genuine effort to connect with them.

Here’s the best way to learn how to make sales on social media with are without a big following.
1)  Facebook Groups:
Groups are one of the best place to find leads and connections on Facebook.  This is a highly targeted groups of people that are in the niche that you share the niches interests.  There are groups for just about anything.  Entrepreneurs, real estate, health and wellness, weight loss. There are tons of groups that are loaded with thousands upon thousands of members that you can join connect and engage in, and close.
Group Strategy: Find a group to join and start to engage with others.  Don’t join and start spamming links and not engaging with people and their posts.  Engage with the leaders and active members in the group and get to know them.  This will open up your network.  Understand that if done correctly you can make a lot of money in groups without coming across like a douche by spamming and pitching.  Always seek to add value before throwing your products and services on anyone.
2)  Social Media Search Bars:
I bet that many that read this rarely use the search bar on any social media platform.  However, Google isn’t the only search engine on the web.  If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, you name it, you can search out the terms relative to your niche and target audience and connect.  You can finds groups as just discussed, you can find people, posts, pages the sky is the limit.  You can even search out the exact problems that you would like to solve.  Not to mention you can find viral content on there.  If you create your own content along a viral topic this will drastically increase your chances of your content being seen.
Search StrategyAll you have to do is open up your favorite social media site app or site and type in what you and type in quite literally anything.  Also you can use quotations centered around any phrase and it will pull up everyone who’s posted about that subject.  At that point you can either comment on their post or private message them to see where they are are in the process.  Selling a home, car or really anything you can imagine.  Now obviously if you are in MMO niche you may have to think out of the box a bit.  But you can search for people looking for work, money opportunities and etc.  Search phrases on social media that your prospects post about and use quotations as this will narrow things down a bit and you can be more specific.
3) Influencer Pages:
Influencers with a massive following are super simple to get leads from.  Look for big leaders like Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, Tony Robbins and anyone that has a like-minded audience following them.  When someone has the size audience that they have it is virtually impossible for them to engage with them and comment/reply back.  Their posts are usually littered with people on there asking for help.  It’s pretty simple. Help them.  You help them by answering questions and engaging with their audience and connecting with their followers.  This is a very easy place for you to success because they will never be helped by the influencer.
Influencer Strategy: Figure out what influencers in your niche that your prospects follow religiously and you go and follow them too. Be sure to have you notifications turned on so that you can be notified every time that they post, shoot a video or deliver any type of content.  Be on the sharp lookout for people needing help.  When you identify someone who is looking for some help simply just answer their questions.  Don’t take your liberty to pitch these people.  Especially on someone elses post.  Because that isn’t cool at all.  Just answer them and start the conversation and before you know it you’ll be able to take care of them with your products or services.
4) The Find Friends Feature:
If you’re light on friends it’s great to tap into this feature and add friends the platform recommends.  It works by using the algorithm to suggest users that are compatible and share the similar likes and interests.  This removes the guesswork for you and if you find a good fit send them a friend request.  Do this every single day but be sure to vet them to ensure they’re someone you want on your friends list.  Don’t randomly add anyone just because you need friends.
Find Friends Strategy: Go to your friend finder and vet a few people.  Then request a few new friends.  If they accept this is not the time to pitch or act unprofessional.  However, if you have a blog or something of value that you can give them as a gift share it.  Remember this is your first impression, so don’t ruin it. Just because they didn’t buy from your straight off be sure to stay in touch with them and connecting.  It takes some time to nurture that relationship.
5) Live Video:
Pretty much every social media sites has the live video feature right now. Because it is the single most effective and highest ranking piece of content that you can place on social media today.  Think in terms of your audience getting the chance to peer into your life for a few moments.
Live Video Strategy: Do a live video every day and share value with your audience.  Be sure to be engaging and ask questions that would cause them to comment.  Also ask them to like and share and your videos. While you are recording the live video ask them to engage and invite cool people and share your video. This will increase you chances of going viral and is pretty much like getting referrals from your friends and prospects.
If you want to learn more about you can get more clients for yourself or your business we have you covered!

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