Social Media Marketing – How To Stop Losing and Start Winning

Social media marketing will either make or break your spirit.  Because nearly every network marketer and online marketer is trying to use social media marketing to make an impact on their business.  However they are making the same mistakes on their public profile and it’s leading to struggle rather than meeting their potential.  So in this article I will give you the reason why then show show you how to fix it and use Social Media Marketing – Stop Losing and Start Winning.

The Main Problem is…

Individuals use their profile to introduce their products and services then try to pitch and close their prospects into their deal on their timeline.

This is a major issue that repulses their audience rather than attracts their audience.  This isn’t a “you had me at hello” scenario here.   After all it is called attraction marketing.  Now if you want to be successful in this business you have to have a mindset geared towards building relationships.  Not making fast sales that will only lead to a burned out friends list.

In this video, I teach you the simple steps of what it takes to have your audience attracted to you rather than repelled from you.  Because the stats do not lie and they are that 97% of the industry is struggling and 1% of all network marketers make more than $400 per month.  That is a staggering statistic.  Checkout 3 Steps to Build a Business on Social Media Here.

How To Stop Losing And Start Winning on Social Media

Post content that creates interest, builds curiosity and provokes engagement with your audience is step one with your social media marketing.  This will allow a lead or prospect to put their hand up for more information. The object of this process is to get them into a conversation in messenger, DM or on the phone.

The sole purpose of this strategy is to get your lead into conversation to build rapport and qualify them to a buyer.  Not close them on the first touch.  However, if you are able to close them on the first touch kudos on a job well done.  But the object of this strategy is to commence the relationship building process.

Move them to a personal group that you are the admin of is step two with your social media marketing.  I typically do not add people unannounced to my groups.  I abide by step one to build rapport and if they do not close I ask them for permission to add them to my groups.  From there I am able to nurture them with content that will help them in their lives and business.

If you want to enhance your mindset then feel free to join the Elevated Mindset Group Here.

Now I know this isn’t quite as sexy as closing people like a hardcore closer on every touch you have online.  However, those hardcore closers deal with rejection day in and day out.  If I had to guess you’re not a fan of rejection.  You see I never get rejected.  Because I’m playing the long game of relationships and not a fast sales game.  That is what allows me to make higher ticket sales.

Feel free to watch the replay of my video where I discussed this process at length.

To how learn how to do this and more go to

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