The Simple Content Strategy To Attract More Clients

Do you ever look at your social feeds and wonder what is this crap?  Because I know that I tend to think this on a regular basis.  If you’re reading this article it’s a good chance that you are either into network marketing or online marketing.  And you can probably attest to many people on your feed that their behavior repels clients rather than attracting quality clients to their business.  Truthfully they’re attracting something, but it’s not clients.  They are attracting victims, complainers, whiners and people with bad luck.  In this post I want to lay out The Simple Content Strategy To Attract More Clients to your business for anyone who is struggling to attain quality leads.

Why?  Because this is real issue on social media.  If you’re a networker or a online marketers there’s a high probability that you are using social media to acquire clients.  If so there are a few things that you need to understand.  First things first is that like attracts like.  So if you’re putting out CRAP, then you can expect to attract CRAP.  This makes you a CRAP magnet no pun intended.  But if you put out quality high vibrational content, those who have a high vibrational frequency will be drawn to your channels.  It is what it is.  If you are looking for way to get engagement on your posts check out 10 ways to increase Facebook Engagement.

What Most People Do..

Most people are openly sharing links and politics.  This is a disaster, so I stay away from it.  No on occasion I’ll throw out a controversial question to create a ton of engagement.  This is very strategic in that I never offer my opinion on the subject matter.  Because political opinions are split 50/50, and if you share your view it will isolate half your audience based on an opinion.  You can’t win for losing in this situation.  So I just let them air it out and sit back and watch the fireworks.  Next people make negative posts.  Such as, I feel bad today, I’m sick today, I’m depressed today.  This is the lazy mans way of grabbing attention.  Know that quality leads and prospects are not going to move towards this type of person.

The simple strategy that I use to attract clients is very simple. 😉 That’s why I call it The Simple Content Strategy To Attract More Clients. Your mission should be to be the most positive person on your feed.  Now I will say this.  You can be positive and still keep it real.  Not fake positive but real positivity wins.  If you are attracting negative people they will be a vacuum to your sanity.  This isn’t right, I can’t do this, I can’t do that, this (insert bad thing) happened to me today.

Attract The Right Customers With This Strategy

  1. Inspiration/motivation: People love to be inspired and motivated.  Make your first and last post a motivational or inspirational post.  Once you start doing this scroll back on your feed and notice what your engagement was vs what it is compared to other posts made in the past.  Keep in mind, that if you’re a person of faith, the feel free to use scriptures to attract other persons of faith to your network.  Remember, like attracts like!  This is step one of the Simple Content Strategy To Attract More Clients.
  2. Empowering Posts:  My mission as a trainer and coach is to empower others so they can go after their dreams.  This is another positive means of connecting with your audience in a special way.  For example I push anyone who comes into my program to get on camera and tell their story.  Because this is very empowering in that it takes them out of their comfort zone and connects them with their personal power.  This is step two of The Simple Content Strategy To Attract More Clients.
  3. Educational Posts:  As a network marketer or online marketer you need to understand that you are in a personal development business.  You should be learning and growing daily.  This could be with technical skills, personal development skills, mindset skills, sales and marketing skills.  When you learn something new then do the skill, get results and teach others what you’ve learned.  You’re audience would love to benefit from the info.  It’s not that hard, and people love to be educated.  Sharing is caring!  This is step three of the simple content strategy to attract more clients.

Notice in the content strategy I am not getting into products or pitching to my audience.  Because it’s about them not you.  Don’t focus on making a quick sale.  If you do the focus is on you and that’s not going to go over well.  You earn the right to present your offers to others through value and building trust through relationships.

If you’re into personal development and mindset and you are on Facebook I’d like to invite you to my FREE Facebook Community The Elevated Mindset Group.

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